Tactical Comprehensive Information and Communication System

  • High-capacity wireless
    transmission device (HCTR)
    Signal processing group

  • Small capacity wireless
    transmission device (LCTR)
    single link transmission/
    reception board

Korean joint tactical data link system

  • Tactical data link wireless
    LINK-K modem

  • Tactical Data Link Simulator

Ground Tactical Data Link

  • Communication
    interlocking device

Data Link

  • MPI-CDL control panel/modem panel/
    GPS Module

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

  • Next Legion-Class UAV

  • Division-level UAV control panel/modem panel

High-speed anti-jamming
TDL terminal

  • HATT modem board

  • T4 class ground integration/
    mount baseband assembly

Military satellite communication system

  • Modem for general link

  • Terminal S/W for surface ships

  • PAMA network controller S/W

The next military satellite communication system

  • Portable satellite terminal modem

  • GPS receiver for transport satellite terminal

  • Frequency generator based on satellite terminal for transportation

(Global Positioning System)

  • GPS/GALILEO receiver

  • Smart Jamming Remove Equipment

Guided Weapons and Electronic Warfare

  • Gimbal Image
    Signal Processor

  • High-speed digital receiver for broadband electronics

wireless modem

System sector

  • Galileo uplink station system

  • DVB-H field measurement system

  • Satellite IMT-2000+ system

  • Adaptive Multicarrier Code Division Multiple Access S/W

LDPC high-speed decoding module