As a company specializing in high-speed digital wireless modems and communication protocols, Comesta Co., Ltd. has engaged in the military satellite communication system business since 2003, mass-producing modem modules for general links since 2007. Since 2015, we have been mass-producing large-capacity/short-link wireless transmission devices, wireless transmission devices for division-level unmanned air vehicles, and wireless Link-K modem devices. We have wireless modem signal processing technology, high-speed wireless transmission technology, digital communication system technology, and protocol interlocking technology by participating in various system projects in the area of command and control system.

In addition, we are realizing product diversification that can adapt to various wireless communication environments to diversify our business. Based on this, we were selected as a star company in the Daejeon area in the wireless communication convergence field in 2018. We are making every effort to establish ourselves as a leading company in the field of wireless transmission and communication software through the commercialization of our technologies and to contribute to the development of the industry in Korea through sales growth and job creation.

We acquired AS9100 certification in January 2021 to develop products that satisfy customer needs and establish reliable and optimized quality processes for new technology development. Seizing our winning of the grand prize at the 2020 Quality and Technology Innovation Contest for Military Supplies as an opportunity to motivate all employees to enhance their work skills and capabilities, we are committed to increasing the value of our business, meeting the goals of the company members, and creating a small but strong company.

CEO/President Kim Hwan chul